Why hire Parish Bookkeeping LLC for your bookkeeping?

  • Eliminate all problems and costs of hiring your own bookkeeper, including recruitment, salary, benefits, and training

  • We will provide you with consistent, high-quality, and affordable bookkeeping services, including timely reports and postings for your church and cemetery

  • Our entire business is to serve parishes in the Springfield Diocese. We are not at a donut shop one day and your church the next. Because of this, we are intimately familiar with your needs, Diocesan guidelines, chart-of-account, recommended procedures, outside payroll companies, and the entire business operation of your parish

The most common reasons pastors choose to retain an outside bookkeeping firm are to reduce operating costs, improve quality and accuracy, reduce reporting delays, and eliminate personnel issues. Are any of these goals ones that you'd like to achieve? Contact us today and we'll start work tomorrow!

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​​Parish Bookkeeping, LLC

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